Born in Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales, I won several National Art Awards while in Junior School. Aged 10 I had a cycling accident which resulted in me being blind for several days. My first film "Project M6 from Mars" won a UK  8mm Film award when I was 14. I later graduated in Film at the University of Westminster in Central London.  My first documentary "Tommy Gravedigger" was broadcast on BBC2 in 1975. It was co-featured on Barry Norman's Film 74 with Coppola's Godfather 2. I worked on the iconic "Bloxham Tapes" with Magnus Magnusson. I have worked in the television and publishing media as a photographer, cameraman, and journalist, as a partner in an agency writing news and feature items for ITV and BBC television and radio.

I built a low-energy house and converted a barn in the Brecon Beacons. I worked as a gravedigger and an aircraft parts inspector and have been a school governor.
I have worked in fine art photography and have exhibited my photographs Internationally at both solo and group exhibitions. I am represented in Paris by Dominique Charlet. I have been awarded several Grants for the Arts awards by Arts Council England. My work has been published in many newspapers, magazines and books worldwide, I researched the book "Is it still raining in Aberfan?"

In 2008 my book "Once Upon a Time in Wales" was published by Dewi Lewis to much acclaim. It became the most emailed story on The Independent newspaper site for two weeks. It was the popularity of this book that led to the making of my first film "Astronauts, Vikings and Ghosts" when I returned to my hometown in search of the subjects from the old photographs. The film was premiered at Festival International du Film sur l'Art in Montreal representing UK, it won "Best Documentary" in Newport International Film Festival and was broadcast on the prestigious  La Lucarne slot on ARTE in France and Germany in 2012. It was also broadcast in 2014 on Sky in New Zealand.

I am currently working on several new projects including a feature script "The Wardrobe" and a documentary "Same, Same but Different / Taking Tom Jones to Vietnam" Le Thanh, a Vietnamese orphan raised in Wales returns to Vietnam to help victims of Agent Orange and seek out his origins.